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     Used Cars that Look and Feel New

At James Ford, our buyers search for vehicles across the country.  We hand pick every pre-owned vehicle we sell so you will have peace of mind when you buy your car or truck.  We look at things like condition, vehicle and owner history, and miles driven.  Only 1 out of 10 cars we see meet our standards.  We do not sell vehicles that have flood damage, frame damage, excessive mileage and wear & tear or salvaged titles.  Every vehicle we sell comes with a clean title guarantee.


     100-Point Inspection

Before any vehicle is offered for sale, it must pass our rigorous 100 point inspection performed by certified Factory-trained technicians to meet our high quality standards.  Any component that does not meet program standards is replaced or repaired.  We disclose all repairs performed.  Ask your sales consultant for a copy of our Vehicle Inspection Report and Checklist.


     Vehicle History Report

Included with every vehicle is a free AutoCheck national Vehicle History Report.  This informative report will give you comfort in knowing that your vehicle is safe and dependable.  Every vehicle we sell comes with a clean title guarantee.  Ask your sales consultant for your free copy of the AutoCheck report or obtain it free online at www.JamesFord.com.


     Fair Pricing Practices

Everyone wants peace of mind that they are getting the best price possible on their purchase. 

That’s why we do all the legwork for you.  Although we will consider a reasonable offer on most of our vehicles, we conduct extensive searches comparing similar vehicles within our regional market area to determine a fair value.  We consider things like year, make, model, mileage, equipment, color, condition and availability.  We then refer to Kelly Blue Book, NADA and Manheim and Adesa Auto Auction Guides.  Combining all these factors help us to arrive at competitive and fair prices, giving you the best value for your money. 



     FREE 1st Oil Change

We’d like to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly.  So, come back for your 1st Oil Change***.


     Money Back Guarantee

You don’t like the color?  Bring it back.  It won’t fit in the garage? Bring it back.  Change your mind?  Bring it back.  Although we work hard to find the right vehicle that suits your needs, we know not every vehicle may be perfect for every buyer.  This is why all of our pre-owned vehicles come with our 3-Day/300 hundred mile (whichever comes first) Money-Back Guarantee**. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return it.  Simply bring it back in the condition in which it was purchased and you’ll get a full refund.  See your sales consultant for written details**.


     Professional Trade Appraisal

We will give you the maximum value for your vehicle based on averages from Kelly Blue Book, NADA, Manheim and Adesa Auto Auction Guides.  Once your value is determined, we guarantee it will not change based on the vehicle you choose to buy.  We appraise the value of your trade independent of the vehicle you may be purchasing.


     Auto Care Maintenance Plans Available

To insure a long vehicle life, maintenance of your vehicle is essential.  We offer an extensive list of available protection plans you can purchase to keep you on the right maintenance path. Please ask your sales consultant for the list of options available. Link


     Extended Warranty Plans Available

It’s nice to know that your vehicle warranty can be extended to suit your driving needs.  We offer an extensive list of optional warranty plans you can purchase.  Please ask your sales consultant for the list of options available. Link

**Refer to Money Back Guarantee Page on this website or see your sales consultant for program details.

***Service includes replacement of oil and oil filter, labor to inspect fluid levels, tire pressure and visual wear & tear, exterior lights, and cost of governmental surcharges and sales tax.  Service must be performed at James Ford within twelve months of date of vehicle purchase.

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