Customer Reviews for James Ford Inc. Half Moon Bay, CA

Finding the right car at the right price, is often a challenge. Finding the right dealer to do business with, well that too can be as much of a challenge.

At James Ford Inc. in Half Moon Bay, CA, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable sales and service teams raise the customer care bar to the highest level. If you have never purchased or had your car serviced here at James Ford Inc., allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

I was looking for a cute convertible with good fuel economy and came across an ad for a 2004 Volkswagen New Beetle Turbo. Once I emailed from the site, I was contacted by Mark Martin, a salesman from the dealership. He took the time to keep in touch with me, find out what my financial goals and needs were, and did it in a courteous and personable manner. In the end, I was not able to get this car due to financing problems due to my massive student loan debt (Argh!). But he still, made sure to follow up with me. Overall, it was a positive experience. He didn't patronize me or treat me poorly due to my gender or socioeconomic status. This was very refreshing. I would recommend this place and buy from there in the future once my credit is better and my student loan debt is smaller.

- Tancia P

I recently purchased a used Ford Edge from James Ford. My Salesman was Gerald and he was great. My original intent was to purchase a new Ford Edge and Gerald was very timely in providing me quotes and patient with all my questions. During this process my husband gently pointed out to me that this would be my 5th car in the 7 years that he's known me and i should consider a used vehicle this time. When i switched gears Gerald didn't even blink an eye and put me into an AWESOME used vehicle. If it didn't say 51,000 miles on the odometer i would've sworn it was brand new. Ed the finance guy was also a joy to work with, as was the owner of this operation. Gerald sent thank you notes (the 1st after my first visit to thank me for coming by and the 2nd after we bought the car) and followed up with a phone call to make sure that i was happy with my vehicle. Personal touches that i truly appreciate. . 8 days after i purchased my vehicle I was t-bone at an intersection and the whole driver's side of the car was pretty jacked up. I told Gerald and Ed about my unfortunate accident and they were very helpful in finding me the right body shop (Curly & Red's also in HMB) and Gerald babysat the project (along with my farmers adjuster) and i am convinced that his influence helped me get my car back in a timely manner. BTW, if you are ever going to get t-boned by a car going 30 miles in hour do it in a Ford Edge, I wasn't hurt at all and it was right into the driver side door. The reason I chose James Ford in the first place was when i was shopping online for my car and being contacted by all the salesmen from all the local dealerships, Gerald was the least pushy on the phone and I really liked his vibe. I'm delighted that i made the trek over the hill to purchase my vehicle and highly encourage anyone in the market for a Ford to do the same. Thank you Gerald, Ed, and James Ford! Sincerely, Crash (my new nickname)

- Nicole S

This is the only dealership that I know of where you don't get screwed, have excellent customer service and service and work they do is exceptional! I do not trust anybody but them to do my service. Also for small things like oil change you don't even need to make an appointment. They can take care of that in 30min while you wait! This is the only place capable of understanding what tire pressure is. They're actually capable of setting correct tire pressure. This is not a joke. I've been to many places like America's Tire, Oil Stop, other ford dealerships, all fail to set correct tire pressure. Every time I'm there they do exceptional work that is so hard to find anywhere else. When you go in you get the feeling that this is the place where people actually work, unlike other dealerships (ex: Towne Ford) where all they do is talk and don't do anything to fix your car. This dealership should be placed in the red book and be protected by the government. Places like this are so extinct these days, it is amazing there is still at least one

- Vadim M

My inital contact with James Ford and their amazing salesman Sean Johnson was back in December of 2008 after my car was totalled and I was looking for a new one. I told Sean that I wanted a small, economical, girlie car for under 15,000. He got me a 2007 Ford Focus which I loved dearly until July of 2011 when I was ready to buy my first new car. I returned to James Ford and to Sean with hopes of having the same exellent experience. They met and exceeded my expectations! I am now the proud owner of a brand new 2011 Ford Edge! After looking online at all the options I was confused, but one phone call to Sean and he explained everything to me in detail so I wouldn't be buying a car with features I did not need or want. The particular car I wanted was not avaliable on their lot so Sean took care of the dealer trade and just a few short days later I was sitting in my brand new Edge! Sean showed me how the touchscreen and many other cool features worked and off I went. I love how respectful and easy going Sean and the rest of the staff at James Ford made my car buying experience. I recommend them to all my friends and family because they are thorough and will take the time to meet all of your car buying needs!

- Sherri G 2011 Ford Edge

So I have to say that I am one very happy camper. I was driving my SUV the other day, THOUGHT I felt my gears slip... maybe it was all in my head... but it was due for an oil change anyhow. Took it into James Ford, the guys in Service are NICE and KIND to me! I told them what I thought happened, but wasn't sure. Asked if she (my SUV) was still under warranty, they said "yes, sure is," I said "Please check everything out and make her better..." They got to work checking things out, got me a loaner car, and I will be getting her back good as new next week. Thank goodness for a Service Department that FINALLY listens to women! OH! And they are good about calling me BEFORE they do anything else she may need. So glad to have them on my team!!!!

- T.P.

I was taking my two girls to the beach when my very old vehicle decided to stop running at the intersection of Highway 92 and Highway 1. Unfortunately, we never made it to the beach. I ended up having my car towed to James Ford and within minutes I was in a loaner on my way home. I couldn't believe how easily Mr. Jim turned a bad situation around for me. The service folks said they would call me after checking out the problem, and let me know what my options were. To make a long story short, I went from owning only Nissans and Toyotas to being the new owner of a brand new Ford Escape. My broken down baby was not worth fixing, but I had not planned on replacing her for at least a couple more years. James Ford allowed me to test-drive several of their used and new vehicles and helped me decide what to do. I never felt pressured, and they were so patient with my questions and concerns. In fact, it took me two weeks to decide what to do -- and I was allowed to keep the loaner during that entire time. I don't believe anyone should purchase their next car without visiting James Ford. This is one truly professional, one-of-a-kind dealership. I think it's been family-owned and operated for more than 25 years. James Ford deserves only 5-star ratings. Highly highly recommended!


Your service team was great! They knew exactly what the problem was and got me taken care of. Thanks again!

- Bell Vinix

This was by far the best car buying experience I have ever experienced. A big thanks to the folks at James Ford for making this as enjoyable as possible.

- Todd Burlington

I had the best buying experience at James Ford! The salesmen were very friendly and helpful. Thank you!

- Bobby C.